AT&T U-Verse Coupon Code 2013

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What is AT&T U-Verse?

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AT&T U-Verse is a relatively new technology and service provided by AT&T. Actually, AT&T U-Verse encompasses several services, including digital TV, High Speed Internet and VOIP phone service. These digital services are provided over a Fiber to the Node (FTTN) or Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) connection. This fiber optic technology delivers crystal clear, 100% digital HD TV to a set-top box connected to your set. In addition, the fiber optic connection delivers lightening fast broadband Internet speeds. The fiber technology is so efficient, that your VOIP phone service will provide clearer calls with no static or “blips.” Phone management software is also available with your VOIP service to manage your customized call strategies. Integrate your VOIP with your set-top box for on-screen Caller ID when the phone rings. No need to even check the phone! The number displays right on your set.

Along with High Speed Internet, VOIP phone service and U-Verse TV, the system comes with built-in wireless networking for the home or office. Simply contact your AT&T U-Verse representative to see if AT&T U-Verse is available in your area.

AT&T U-Verse a great service and you should SEE what you are missing! Once you have experienced AT&T U-Verse, standard cable or satellite just will not be enough anymore.

What is U-Verse TV?

AT&T U-Verse TV is IPTV that is delivered to the AT&T Total Home DVR, or to a set-top box, with a high compression rate. The end result is the most perfect HD picture possible. Picture quality for the AT&T U-Verse service is much more clear and crisp than video delivered over standard cable or via satellite.

AT&T U-Verse offers a wide selection of channels that are normally available through a cable or satellite service. Check the AT&T U-Verse channel guide prior to ordering AT&T U-Verse to see the selection of channels you will receive with U-Verse service.

AT&T U-Verse Installation

Though the AT&T U-Verse technology is complicated, the installation is not! Installation of AT&T U-Verse is simple and quick. In addition, AT&T U-Verse provides terrific 24/7 support for U-Verse customers.

Is AT&T U-Verse Expensive?

Generally, AT&T U-Verse is much less expensive than your local cable company’s offerings for the same services. However, the quality of AT&T U-Verse is much higher than standard cable TV service, broadband Internet over cable or cable telephone service.

AT&T U-Verse Bundles

Bundle your Internet service, TV and VOIP phone service into one package and installation. You will save money instantly on your order. Built-in wireless network is free with your Internet package. No need to rent an additional router. The wireless network functionality is already included in the AT&T U-Verse hardware.

AT&T U-Verse Coupon Codes

Another way to save money when purchasing an AT&T U-Verse subscription is to find and use promo codes. Several sites exists on the Internet that provide promo codes for special rates, free installations and other promotional products with the service for 2013. Some promo codes will even provide you with gift cards and cash back for ordering AT&T U-Verse. Locate and use promo codes while placing your AT&T U-Verse order to save even more money!

AT&T U-Verse Resellers

Certain AT&T U-Verse resellers offer various promotional deals when ordering the AT&T U-Verse service. Order your new AT&T U-Verse through a reseller and receive any number of discounts or deals, including free installations, Visa gift cards and more. Many AT&T U-Verse reseller services offer 12 month price locks to ensure that your AT&T U-Verse subscription price will not change for at least one year.

Order AT&T U-Verse today. Get the TV service only or bundle with High Speed Internet and VOIP phone. Save money on your order with AT&T U-Verse resellers and promo codes.