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FiOs is the newest service from Verizon. It operates on a fiber-optic communications network and provides bundled internet access, television and telephone services. FiOS delivers the highest quality pictures and the fastest internet connection in the country. Verizon designed FiOS to keep up with the consumer demands both now and in the future.


FiOS TV has been tested and proven to be much better than cable and satellite TV. This service provides all customers with high-definition picture quality that is consistent regardless of the weather. Owners can choose any FiOS TV plan and get the most out of 540 all-digital TV channels, 46 commercial-free digital music channels and 130 HD channels. FiOS features over 35,000 On Demand titles for customers to choose from every month. FiOS TV offerings include sports and premium movies.

Xbox Live Gold members who subscribe to FiOS TV or FiOS Internet have the chance to watch live streaming channels through their console and the FiOS TV application. In this case, customers do not need to have a Verizon set top box. Subscribers can get access to these services with the FiOS TV app that can be downloaded from Xbox 360’s TV section. This makes it convenient for them to go through the channels they want to watch without using the program guide navigator. Customers who have a Kinect Sensor can even navigate by simply using their voice. FiOS also provides multi-room DVR. If subscribers have more than one TV set, they can start watching a program on one set and finish it on another TV without missing a single minute. FiOS makes everything more convenient by allowing subscribers to set parental controls or schedule recordings with their smartphones.

FiOS Internet

FiOS Internet can deliver the fastest and most reliable upload speeds. This service provides clear and clean video streaming. Other internet service providers offer fast speeds, but they tend to slow connections down when people reach certain usage levels. FiOS never resorts to this scheme, and it provides consistent and incredibly fast connections. In addition, Verizon FiOS only utilizes 100 percent fiber optic connections.

FiOS Internet 15/5Mbps and higher plans make it easier for subscribers to connect to the Internet at Wi-FI zones in hotels, airports and other areas with their laptops. Verizon FiOS never stops giving their customers what they deserve. They offer 24/7 support, e-mail and web space for blog creation. Flex View allows everyone to enjoy their favorite shows and programs even on the go. comes for free with all Verizon Internet plans. Subscribers can watch live online games and events in real time. FiOS Internet also makes it convenient to pay bills online.

FiOS Digital Voice

FiOS Digital Voice subscribers agree that their phone service comes with premium sound quality. They say that the sound is comparable to HD quality. This service allows users to set up their own communications center. They can take control over their home phone use by assigning unique ring tones for different people or family members. They can also block incoming calls when they are too busy.

FiOS Digital Voice has an online account manager that allows users to change their settings and preferences from any computer. They can use this to keep track of their latest calls. Users can multitask while surfing the Internet. They can listen to voicemails while streaming and download files at the same time. This is only possible with Verizon’s 100 percent fiber-optic network. Customers can always get the service and power they need without compromising call quality.

FiOS Bundles

FiOS offers the hottest plans to ensure savings. Customers may choose from several ready-made plans, or they can use the Bundle Builder. This feature allows them to customize their plans to accommodate their everyday needs at home or work and still save. They may opt for FiOS Triple Play. This combines FiOS TV Prime HD, Unlimited calling and FiOS Internet 15/5 Mbps. Other bundles include FiOS Double Play. With this, customers get FiOS TV Prime HD and Unlimited calling. If customers find these bundles insufficient or too expensive, they can choose customized bundles instead.

FiOS Apps

FiOS Apps are downloadable tools for compatible smartphones and tablets. FiOS Mobile Remote allows subscribers to program their DVR with these devices so they do not have to miss their favorite TV shows. Media Manager provides easy access to photo and video downloads through customer mobile phones. Meanwhile, Verizon Home Control is an energy-saving and security app that allows owners to adjust their thermostats even when they are away. They can also turn on lights and view cameras to keep an eye on their families and property. My Verizon Account makes it easy for FiOS subscribers to check their usage, view and pay bills and even get help when they need it. FiOS Voice is an app that allows users to keep track of their home voicemail. They can check call logs easily and conveniently with just one touch.

Verizon FIOS is a great pick for sports fanatics too. With this, they can obtain NBA League Pass and other amazing sports packages only from FiOS. They can get this with FiOS Premium Packages.

Movie enthusiasts will also love FiOS. They can enjoy unlimited HBO access through their computers and compatible phones. Whether they are at home or on the go, they can always watch exciting HBO shows. Another amazing FiOS service lets subscribers get the chance to watch the latest movies even before they are shown in other places. All they need to do is check Spotlight magazine. With this, there will be no more waiting for the latest blockbusters. FiOS subscribers can watch them on their computers or smartphones. Verizon FiOS is continuously expanding to new areas and adding more products and services to ensure customer satisfaction. With this, FiOS keeps up with the latest in technology and communication and anticipates more developments in the future.

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